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Human design reading

In this 90 min reading you will learn about your Type and strategy in life. How to function best based on your design and which character you came here to play.  

The most important in Human Design is to follow you strategy and Authority. A great tool to drop from the Mind to the body and welcome the wonder the world has to offer.

Who is ready for the drive?

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What is  Human-design?

Human Design tells you about your very individual blueprint for this life. Highlighting how you function best, the fear you might be experiencing and how you interact best with society and people.


Human Design brings light to what you already know deep inside but have forgotten or have been conditioned to suppress. It gives you the authorization to be YOU, to do YOU and have everything you deserve and want in life.


I started this journey nearly 2 years ago and was blown away with the accuracy and the results I was having and continue to have when embodying my design fully.  


Over 6 months ago I decided to go professional about it and I am now a certified Quantum Human Design specialist.  


The body graph you get, from your birth information, gives you a map who are. The main and major component is finding out your defined centers and profile. This will give you an incentive on how to respond to life based on your individuality, how to make decision that will serve you best and how to generate ans sustain your life force energy.


As I focus on the individual with Yoga Therapy, Quantum Human design was just a step further in the confirmation that we are all unique being, here to play our unique role and shine bright our unique light for the benefit of ourselves and the collective.

I'm excited for you and the new journey you are about to begin on!

With all my love