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"Be the change you want to see in the world"

As a child, Virginie wanted to save the world.

She first had to discover it, observe and really meet the world. Amazed by trees, animals, she already loved it passionately but it was in the middle of her higher education that she began to explore it concretely. Mauritania, Morocco, Tunisia and Turkey were a first, then came Australia where she even lived for more than 5 years. Therefore it was quite naturally that she then turns to Asia with, among others, Indonesia, Nepal, Sri Lanka and finally India. As her travels progressed, she found herself on a deeper level each time.

As why are solo trips so addictive?? one of the reasons is that beyond the encounters and destabilizations they bring, they make us discover a part of ourselves. This hidden part, buried under our habits and customs or our education that we dare not reveal for fear of the judgments of others or ourselves. But now, on a solo trip we let go! And above all, we catch the eyes of people we would never have met, we discuss with people foreign to our points of view and we open up to the unknown.  

During her 14 years of travel and encounters, Virginie very quickly encountered spirituality. With meditation first and then Yoga as a whole. Yoga, a word overused these days, Virginie rediscovered it and immersed herself in it in its country of origin, India, where she practically put down her suitcases for more than 5 years.

Filled with this new life force, she never returned to engineering and  decided to share his knowledge and experience in order to contribute to the common good and serve others.


She then understood the meaning of Gandhi's words "Be the change you want to see in the world"

Wanting a healthy and happy world requires us to BE it. The energy of change starts within us and then shines out onto the world.


And that's how she figured out how to save the world. By inspiring those she could touch and helping them to change themselves for a healthy and happy life meeting the Bliss within them.

Ganesha Virginie Crouzat Yoga Bliss
  • Quantum Human designTM specialist, 2022

  • Yoga Therapy 2/3. By Dr NC. Chennai 2020

  • Yoga Therapy 1/3. By Dr NC. Chennai 2019

  • Magnified Healing Master 1. Mysore 2016

  • 300hrs HATHA YOGA. By Ramesh Sir Mysore 2016

  • 200hrs ASHTANGA. By Ashtanga Yoga Mysore 2015

  • Yoga Therapy Internship. Yoga Vaidya Sala, Chennai 2018

  • VINIYOGA; By DR N. Chandrasekaran, Chennai 2017

  • YOGA THERAPY. Viniyoga Fondation France (2017/2018)

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Pal and I Virginie Crouzat Yoga Bliss